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The hallmark of all Science-fiction author Sophie Partlow's stories is a grounding in reality that makes the fictional situations presented feel plausible. Whether by incorporating real-world issues or postulating on future uses of existing technologies, Sophie will draw you in with relatability and keep you hooked with excellent storytelling and character development.


An adult sci-fi romance about a geneticist's journey to uncover the truth of who she really is after an enigmatic man is thrust into her life at the brink of her greatest discovery.


How can a golden locket save humanity from itself? Find out in this unique twist on the zombie genre that churns up a simmering, dramatic build which is sure to leave your jaw on the floor!

Thresholds Cover.jpg

The very first human trial of a genius NASA scientist's quantum entanglement chamber is not going at all to plan. He expects to see a clone of himself; instead, a stunningly beautiful Martian emerges.

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