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Nameless Interview


Can't wait to jump in? Click the button below to check out my interview with Chris Wozney, or read on for the inside scoop!

As a fledgling author, I was incredibly humbled to receive an invitation to read my work and speak at Capricon, a science-fiction literary convention in Chicago last February. CLICK HERE to read all about that experience.

The best part about attending and participating, by far, was meeting so many incredible authors, fans, and fellow lovers of sci-fi. One of the many people whom I instantly fell in love with was an editor named Chris Wozney.

My travel companion and self-proclaimed minion, my brother-in-law Steven, and I were preparing to head out at the end of the first day and were on an intercept course with a kind-looking woman on our way to the escalators. I decided to dig deep and find the gumption to extend an invitation for my reading the next day. Now, I am no salesperson or hawker, so the act of randomly starting a conversation with a stranger feels a lot like this to me:

I think Chris could sense this and took mercy on me by asking us more about our involvement with the con and my work. The discussion migrated seamlessly from a performative nature on my part to a place of authenticity so quickly that I didn't even notice it happening. She is that skilled a conversationalist! We talked about her Ukrainian heritage, life in Chicago, the joy of cons, and she taught us all about filking: the art of singing folk songs with the lyrics amended to science-fiction themes.

The next day, wouldn't you know it? Chris was there for my reading of the first two episodes of my serial, Gnawed. Afterward, she bestowed me with the greatest honor I have yet to receive about my writing and said that what I'd shared was at a much more advanced level than just about anything else she's read lately. I was, and still am, floored and flattered for someone with such a deep connection to science-fiction and wide breadth of experience within this world to pay me such a massive compliment. I felt so incredibly affirmed, like okay, I belong here.

Throughout Capricon, Chris attended damn near all of my half dozen appearances, and was so engaged and involved at every turn. This is particularly true for my lecture titled, Fuck Hustle Culture, which was made so much more rich by her questions and contributions as an audience member. When it was finally time for us to depart, we promised to stay and touch, and did just that! She's been there for me throughout my IVF journey and I'm so pleased that she feels comfortable enough with me to share some deeply personal things that are going on in her life.

When Chris floated the idea of interviewing me for Western Science Fiction Association's publication, The Nameless Zine, I couldn't refuse! She sent the questions to me with a single directive, keep it PG since TNZ is family-friendly. Did I mention that I am pumped to the gills with hormones that contribute to the phenomena of pregnancy brain? Yeah, so I completely donked that up.

In my response to her question about music playing a formative role in shaping my creativity, I actually wrote that the draw for me as a musician was that I could say whatever the hell I wanted! I then proceeded to give examples of lyrics I'd written that graphically described murders and sex acts, like cumming on my face. So… um… the answers that you'll read in the article were slightly edited from what I submitted, and thank goodness for that.

Overall, I think the final piece was such a treat to read through, particularly because of Chris's contributions! She made a point to include her own thoughts and retorts, so that the entire thing felt like I was reading a transcribed conversation between two friends. I appreciate that her style paints the subject with a generous brush and provides glimpses into who the interviewer is, as well.

And so, without further ado, please enjoy Chris Wozney's, "Chat with Sophie Partlow."


I love it so much that I've added the link to my About page because it goes so much deeper than the sort of prescriptive Cliff notes of an author bio. Thank you, Chris Wozney and The Nameless Zine!

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