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“Reporters were some of the first to turn,” said the elderly woman through her cerulean surgical mask. “We haven’t had any updates for months now.”

“It's worse, Mrs. Carter,” replied the well-attired businessman. “Far worse.”

Even with his dark facial covering, the exceeding handsomeness of Daedalus Pharmaceuticals' CEO was easily discernible from his seat opposite the aged lady and her strangely pretty granddaughter…


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Expanding on Black female sci-fi author Sophie Partlow's successful short story, Thresholds, Clementine and Allison's journeys are explored further in a riveting multi-part serial titled Gnawed.


A brilliant paleovirologist working for Daedalus Pharmaceuticals develops a treatment that allows people to take control of their metabolisms as easily as one might take control of their breathing or blinking. A single meal could now last as long as twenty, curbing world hunger almost overnight.


She is hailed as a hero until a portion of the population who, conversely, overtaxed their metabolic functions began to get exactly what they were seeking: the ability to eat anything they want to and still shed pounds. Unfortunately, the only thing they want to eat is other people.


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